Pili - Trikala
Abattoir Unit

Application of modern
slaughter methods

Abattoir Unit is based on Pili Trikala (operates under the Veterinary approval code: S84 ) and consists of the following slaghter lines, Cattle, Sheep anf goats, pork and the refrigirating and helping spaces of each line.

We can ensure you that slaughtering is made by using modern techniques and equipment aiming to produce top quality meat and keep our service quality standard high

We operate under the HACCP restrictions regarding the meat processing and meat products that comes from this procedure.We also offer abattoir services to the other units in the area

Our Company

Fresh meat (quarters, half-cuts or the whole animal) as far as the edible products out of it, are safely kept in the refrigirator until the customer receives it. The non-edible products are collected and inactivated according to the law. The blood and all the other liquid parts out of the process are also collected in a close system in order to be forwarded for incinaration or in the biological waste-water treatment.

The company operates a Low Potential Incinaration unit (Approval no. 267Υ123ΕL44LP) and a Biological Waste-Water Treatment unit, authorized and operating under all the legal restrictions.

Production capacity

Abattoir unit produces an annual 800 tons of meat. The meat comes mainly from pigs (approximately 300 animals per week), cattle (approximately 25 animals per week) and sheep and goats (approximately 150 per week).

Our company also has a legal Trader code: EL-44-60.

Slaughter Days

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are the slaughter days.


Pili - Trikala

+30 24340 22555

+30 6971638924


+30 24340 22110


Person in charge:
Marava Chrysa

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