Local Pork & Meat Preparations, Fiki Trikala

Our business is one of the best and most modernized pig farms in the country. Driven by love, with vision and insight, we managed to become known and loved in the world of Trikala and in a short time throughout Thessaly. The purpose of the company is the production and distribution of Greek pork of excellent quality.

Quality guarantee

At Hoirofarm LLC Marava Koutsikou Farm we believe that the trust and credibility shown to us by our customers is built and earned daily. We bring to you pork that is addressed to those who wish to combine high quality with refined taste. To ensure quality, our pork goes through strict quality control criteria before it reaches your table. In this way, we can guarantee consumers not only the best quality of pork, but also the unrestricted dining experience!

Choirofarm Products

We know all the good about pork and
we raise the quality even above!

Our vision is to make the world live and eat better!
Put pork in your diet! With its minerals, iron and the vitamins it contains, it helps to develop a balanced body, strong, tireless and healthy!

Delicious recipes

Wonderful recipes with pork from Choiroharm! Easy homemade recipes for delicious pork that will remain unforgettable and will take off our products.
Here you will find tasty suggestions with pork lemon, roll, pot and pork with potatoes.


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