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CHOIROFARM LLC Marava - Koutsikou | Pig Farming - Abattoir - Cutting - Meat Processing And Standardization - Cold Cuts Production

Meat Products {expo}

Minced pork, Pork neck Α/Ο, Pork leg Α/Ο, pork picknic ham Μ/Ο, pork loins, pork whole spare ribs Α/Ο, pork spare ribs single-piece, pork bacon Α/Ο, pork boston butt, pork clear plate, pork back fat, pork hock...


Products {expo}

Traditional sausage, big vacuumed sausage, small vacuumed sausage, fine vacuumed sausage, stuffed burdger, burger...


Pig Farm {expo}

Pig farms in Fiki Trikala and are made of the main farm and pasteurizer each...


Abattoir Unit {expo}

Abattoir based in Pyli - Trikala constis of three slaughter lines (Cattle, Sheep and goats, Pork) and the cooling - helping spaces...


Standardizer Unit {expo}

The company also operates new facility suitable for meat cutting, processing and standardization...

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Pork Meat & Meat Preparations from Trikala


CHOIROFARFM LLC has been established on 1987 at Eleftherochori Trikala. A traditional family pig farm that started the business with love and managed to become known in Trikala.

The new generation preserves the vision and insight and goes a bit further, expanding and modernizing the existing farm by improving the hygiene and raising systems and ensuring the living conditions of the animals (automated systems applied and new silos to ensure the nutrition).
Our ultimate goal is the production of excellent quality Greek pork meat.